Bring Your Silver to RVA Gold Buyers!

Highest Payouts IN Richmond Virginia!

If you are in need of cash and have silver items such as bars or coins, it may be ideal for you to sell them to RVA Gold Buyers. We always offer honest and fair prices. In fact, our gold buyers offer the best prices in town!

Please call us at (804) 588-9200 to learn more about what we can offer you for your silver items.

Silver items we purchase:

  • Silver Bars

  • Silver Coins

  • Silver Ingots

  • Silverware

  • Silver Candlesticks

  • Sterling Silver

  • Coin Silver

  • Fine Silver

  • Ultra-Fine Silver

  • 999 Silver

  • Silver Jewelry

Get even MORE money!

RVA Gold Buyers are committed to giving you the most cash for your scrap jewelry.
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